Shiftypop’s Online Jingle Shop


If you’re looking for a catchy radio or TV jingle for your business, product or anything else, I can compose, record and deliver in a matter of days. I specialise in fun, pop jingles and have many works broadcast on television and radio internationally. I have written jingles for many well-known brands such as; John Adams Toys & Fisher Price. I have also written radio adverts for hundreds of small and medium businesses, authors, nurseries, boutiques, entertainers and more!

Radio Jingles (Price List)

I charge £100 for a 10 second radio jingle, £200 for 20 seconds and £300 for 30 seconds. This includes lyrics writing, original music, my female British lead vocal and harmonies, mix/mastering and commercial use. I will keep you informed on the process from start to finish, making revisions until it is the perfect jingle you envision it to be. Please email if you are interested in purchasing a jingle and I look forward to working with you!

Television Jingles

If you would like a television commercial jingle, please contact me for a quote at You can see examples of my previous works here.

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