FiverrUK Community Event, London 2014


On November 5th I was invited to the FiverrUK Community Event in Central London at The Lucky Pig along with other UK and International Sellers. Sellers even flew over from Norway and Italy (Danilo!) – and many other far away places! The Fiverr Team flew in from Tel Aviv & NYC!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.13.49

We left our home at 6.45am and arrived at 12.30pm. I’d visited London once before for a day visit but this time my boyfriend and I stayed in the Hallam Hotel. It was affordable and in a great location! (3 minutes walk from the venue!). Perfect. The cold shower wasn’t perfect but the night made up for that!

We did the usual touristy exploration of Oxford Street, bought some disney mugs, a coat and a bag and then got ready to go! I was a little nervous knowing I hadn’t met any of the people who were going to be there but it put me at ease knowing the sellers I know online were going to be there!


This is Gareth my support/boyfriend! 🙂 ^

We arrived at The Lucky Pig at 7.00pm and stood outside for five minutes where we met the famous top-rated seller OzzieUK aka Wayne and his partner and then in we went!

Inside was a free bar, which I didn’t want to believe until I saw it because i’ve never been out in London nor experienced a FREE bar. I assure you FREE means FREE – Wow! There were delightful cocktails and my favourite was the ‘ello Fiverr! A vodka cocktail which I totally regretted in the morning.

Gareth and I then got pulled over to the FiverrUK London board for some photos and there we met Liron the famous Social Media Fiverr Team member. Everyone then started appearing, Kymmypops & Lewis, Newbold3d & Sophie (she was a real star we partied all night!), Madmoo, Twistedweb123 & his fiancee, logo_business, mrexplainer & his lovely wife… the list goes on! We all had a great time taking photos in the Photo Booth most of the night!


Shiftypop & Gareth

Mrexplainer and his wife. I did some music for him a year or so ago! I also met liverpoolmusic who asked me for advice when he started Fiverr a year or so ago. It was great to see him there and to see him doing so well in the Fiverr marketplace!

Half way through the night three of the top-rated sellers did speeches. They were totally amazing. Those who attended that don’t sell on Fiverr i’m sure were rather tempted to sign up after hearing them talk about it. Well done OzzieUK, Kymmypops & Twistedweb123 you couldn’t have written better speeches.


OzzieUK, Shiftypop & Kymmypops.

The whole event has left me smiling to this day. Being in a room with people who do what I do was quite magical. Meeting those behind the website, especially Micha Kaufman the CEO & Co Founder of was unbelievable.


Kymmypops, Lewis, Madmoo, Kashem, Shiftypop, Micha.

The efforts of the Fiverr Team really made me, and i’m sure other sellers, feel really appreciated. The pizza, the cocktail menu, the goody bag (t-shirt, portable phone charger and the posh little black notebook which i’m now recording what work I do in to keep track!) Samson & the photobooth, the printer that printed out FiverrUK image tweets, the conversations… everything!

Fiverr is an amazing community and one to be proud of. I used to find it quite difficult boasting about my job as a lot of people don’t really understand it. My sales are increasing every month making it even more stable as a full-time job which wouldn’t be happening without all the hard work of Fiverr’s growing reputation. I love my job and I love Fiverr and i’m going to continue to tell the world about it by wearing my Fiverr T-Shirt!


Visit today!

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