TV Jingles & Voiceovers


Since 2014, I have composed and produced jingles which have  been broadcast throughout Europe and the USA on well-known Children’s television channels (Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Nick Jr. etc). You can watch the commercials in the YouTube playlist which is embedded on this page.

  1. Tiny Tears (2014) JohnAdamsToys (UK)
  2. My Friend Cayla (2014) (UK/US/France/Germany)
  3. Magicalin (2014) SplashToys (Germany)
  4. Crazy Mics (2014) NICI (UK/Germany)
  5. Dora and Friends Sparkle & Swim Mermaid (2015)(UK/US)
  6. Pustefix (2015) (Germany)
  7. Disney Princess Magical Secret Book (2015)(UK)
  8. Tech Too (2015) (UK)
  9. Bangle Blitz (2015) JohnAdamsToys (UK)
  10. Peppa’s Play and Learn Smart Watch (2015) (UK)
  11. Vanity & Piuma (2015) Radiofly (Italy)
  12. Teksta Newborn Pets (2016) (Germany)
  13. Mille Pa-pattttes (2016) Lansay (France)
  14. Plush Craft (Voiceover Only) (2017) Mookie
  15. Girl’s World Styling Head (2017) John Adams (UK) (+ Voiceover)
  16. Splash Beadys (2017) Craze (Germany)
  17. Disney Princess Rapunzel GoGlow Magic Night Light (2017) (Voiceover only)
  18. Gelli Baff (Voiceover Only) (2019) Zimpli Kids
  19. ORB Slimi Cafe (2019)
  20. ORB Slimi Xtreme Glitterz (2019) The ORB Factory

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